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Hyalogic's Hyalun Pro Gel Oral Hyaluronic Acid For (HORSES) 30ml



Description: Hyalun Pro Gel Oral Hyaluronic Acid For (HORSES) 30ml.--- Pre and Post event booster with pure hyaluronic acid.Hyalun�PRO GEL is a highly conentrated hyaluronic acid gel that is designed to supply your horse with extra HA before or after an event or workout.Designed with competitive equine athletes in mind, Hyalun Pro offers outstanding joint support for horses in high levels of work, including reiners, cutters, barrel racers, jumpers and upper-level dressage horses. Over time, physical stress from exercise causes wear and tear that can compromise the health of your horse's joints. Hyalun Pro's patented HA provides lubrication and shock absorption, helping your horse's joints stay healthy, so he can keep performing his best.Hyalun Pro uses a solution that has no taste, so your horse won't spit it out or put up a fuss when you administer it. The brand new ergonomically designed handle makes the dispenser easy to use, whether you're dosing one horse or a barn full!Hyalun Gel is a 30ml syringe, offering 100 mg of HA per 10 cc serving. Great for use as a pre and/or post event "booster."Ingredients: normal saline, sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), 1,2-propanediol, methylparaben and propylparaben.Directions:30cc equine syringe (3 full administrations)100mg of Hyaluronic acid